New to Our Food Bank?

Learn the How / What / How Often of Accessing Our Food Services

What food can I get? And how often can I visit?

Some items are offered in unlimited quantities; for other items, quantities are based upon the number of people in your household.

A FULL VISIT — TWO PER MONTH may include the following items, depending upon availability:

  • Fresh produce
  • Bakery and bread items
  • Deli and dairy items, including Starbucks items
  • Frozen foods
  • Canned and dry items
  • Bonus items, when available

A SUPPLEMENTAL VISIT — ONE PER WEEK may include the following items, depending upon availability:

  • Fresh produce
  • Bakery and bread items
  • Deli items, including Starbucks items
  • Dairy items, when available
  • Bonus items, when available

What is required to get food at the food bank?

The Thurston County Food Bank is a no-barrier organization that strives to remove obstacles to accessing services. We believe that having basic needs met should be a human right — not a luxury. Are you experiencing food insecurity or having trouble making ends meet? Would a lower grocery bill help with other expenses or maybe help you save for an emergency? Come and see us! We are a community resource and here to help.

Visits to the Food Bank are free of charge and there are no income guidelines to access regular services. No one will be turned away regardless of where you live, with or without an address. A photo ID is helpful, but not required.

Voluntarily provided personal information is for the Food Bank’s use only. It helps us ensure that enough food is available to serve our community. Information such as age, zip code, and ethnicity is for statistical purposes only. No personal information is ever shared. No documentation is required. No one will be turned away.

At our Food Pantries or Satellite locations, a friendly person will help you to sign up as a client, and you’ll be ready to shop for food the same day. Once you are in our system, you can pick up groceries at any of our locations and access our other client services as well. (Please note that groceries are not distributed to individuals and families from our Tumwater Warehouse and Distribution Center.)

If you are picking up food for someone else, please bring a copy of their ID (photo, screenshot, text, or email) and a dated note each time you pick up for them. This is required at every visit.

Visit a map of all our locations and service times!