Lacey Farm Stand

Fresh Local Produce on Select Saturdays!

  • Lacey Farm Stand showing fresh, locally farmed or gleaned produced. Depicted are cherry tomatoes, grapes, purple plums, Japanese Shiro plums, zucchini and yellow squash, and carrots — and fresh cut flowers!
  • Farm Stand Veggies and Fruits
  • Farm Stand Shelves with Veggies
  • Gleaned Shiro Plums
  • Bounty of Gleaned Plums
  • Farm Stand Cabbage Lettuce Basil
  • Farm Stand Radishes and Greens

The Lacey Farm Stand

On the edge of east Martin Way sits a small building that looks like a little red barn. Rounding the corner reveals a beautiful white wooden door nestled behind four sturdy pillars and an awning. Under this protection from the rain, the wind, or even the blazing sun — something magical happens! During the growing and harvest seasons you can find a small team of Food Bank staff and volunteers orchestrating a cacophony of produce into a wonderful display of free produce!

Designed to be set up much like a farmer’s market, the Lacey Farm Stand operates out of black produce crates stacked neatly on wooden shelves. There you will find a great variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. During certain weeks in the summer there may also be herb and veggie plant starts available to take home and plant in your own garden for later enjoyment.

The Farm Stand’s primary focus is offering produce that is fresh, nutritious, and local. Much of the produce is sourced from our Gleaning Program and our Olympia Kiwanis Food Bank Gardens Program. We have also partnered with local farms to receive a weekly delivery of fresh produce funded by a Farm to Food Pantry grant through the Washington State Department of Agriculture and Harvest Against Hunger. In addition, we are lucky to receive frequent donations from local community and home gardeners who bring us their excess produce to be enjoyed. We are incredibly grateful to all the farmers, gardeners, volunteers, and community partners who help keep our shelves stocked.

What makes the Farm Stand so special is the unique nature of its distribution. Open on select Saturdays, our goal is to offer an option to clients who are unable to visit during the week. Healthy eating is the focus of the Farm Stand, and we enjoy giving out recipes and swapping tips on how to prepare and cook the various fruits and veggies available each week. The energy the overall community brings to the Farm Stand experience is one of warmth, gratitude, and fun.

The Lacey Farm Stand is open on select Saturdays from 11 AM–1 PM. The schedule is posted on our Location MapCalendar, and on social media the Friday prior. In 2022 the Farm Stand was open from February to November and served over 450 unique households. Come visit us for some delicious fresh produce, fun recipes, and community connections!