Board of Directors

Meet Our Hard-working Board Members


Philip Kerrigan is the Director of Development & Marketing at TVW. He has been on the Board since 2023. “I have been blessed with a life filled with gifts. I believe it is my obligation to pass those blessings on to others. As the father of 3 young kids, I want to make the world better for them.”

Megan Hubbard is a retired Pediatrician who joined the board in 2022. “I appreciate the food bank’s focus on the human dignity of people in need as it addresses food insecurity in our community.”

Steve Hall is a retired Olympia City Manager. He became a Board member in 2022. “The Food Bank has a simple mission: feed anyone who needs food, especially children.”

Glenn Waugh retired from the U.S. Department of the Interior as a Natural Resources Specialist after 47 years of working with disturbed coal mine lands. He joined the Board in January 2019. “While working, raising two sons and coaching high school athletics, I supported the TCFB financially for many years. Now that I’m retired, my sons are grown and I no longer coach, I decided to do more than just write a check by serving as a Board member with this essential community resource.”

Bruce Wollstein is a retired program management director from Intel Corporation and has lived in Olympia for 27 years. He joined the board in 2019. “Our family has been active with the Thurston County Food Bank since we moved to the community and always believed in the idea of the food bank being a place where ‘neighbors are helping neighbors’. Working with the Board allows me to help my neighbors in the South Sound in different ways and leaves me with a great feeling while doing that.”


Pam Brokaw is a United Methodist minister pastoring two area churches, with a background in developing effective community partnerships. She has been a Board member since 2022. “I want to focus on justice, building healthy communities and ending hunger.”

Jeanne Englert has worked in nonprofit leadership and public administration. She joined the Board in 2022. “I am excited to volunteer with an organization that helps individuals with dignity and care while valuing community partnerships, access, and eliminating barriers to services.”

Brad Hooper is the Career and Technical Education Director for North Thurston Public Schools and has been a Board member since 2020. “I joined the Board to help members in our community. To have a great community, we have to invest in the community.”

Jeff Kopp is a financial advisor who joined the Board in 2022. “I believe, with the abundance in our community, there is no reason any of our neighbors should go hungry.”

Mariel Plaeger-Brockway is a recently-retired family physician who practiced in Olympia for 32 years. She joined the Board in 2018. “I appreciate being able to help feed the South Sound through participating in such a highly motivated and functioning Board.”

Naki Stevens is a retired environmental policy advocate, with a final job at Interfaith Works. She joined the Board in September 2022. “I started volunteering weekly at TCFB’s warehouse in March 2020 and then joined the Board.”

Kalo Wilcox is a Thurston County District Court Judge. She joined the Board in 2017. “Why I’m on the Board? People helping people.”

Kris Zabriskie-Olson is a retired attorney who has worked in the South Sound area, and joined the Board in 2022. “As a teenager, my mom brought me along to help with Home Delivered Meals. She’d drive while I ran the hot meals in to people who were unable to get out or to prepare nutritious food. Just having those short interactions and hearing the appreciation in their voices made me realize how important a meal and conversation could be.”